Other RG sites

Can’t get enough Rows Gardens? You’re like me.

Here are where the best puzzles are being produced. Click on the pictures to visit the sites. I’m a paying subscriber of puzzles from all of them!
A-Frame Games is the website of Patrick Berry, the inventor of the Rows Garden. He also makes wonderful cryptic crosswords and an astonishing number of different variety crosswords.
Aries Puzzles is the home of crosswords by Andrew Ries, who has probably made (with Patrick Berry’s blessing) more Rows Gardens than anyone. Subscription service available!
Outside the Box is the home of Joon Pahk’s amazing collection of variety crosswords. He is catching Andrew Ries with a steady collection of Rows Gardens, and he also has a separate subscription service for a number of other variety crosswords.
Finally, veteran constructor Myles Callum hasn’t created a website yet, but he has been producing some great Rows Garden puzzles for friends. Write to Myles (Myles%%sonic.net — replace the “%%” with @ when you address your email) and ask for a free sneak peek at one of his unpublished puzzles. As far as I know, Myles and Garden Party puzzles are the only ones that list the Bloom clues in alphabetical order of their answers.