Free puzzle (easy)

Click here for a free puzzle for first-time Rows Garden solvers. There are more hints than usual:

  1. In the Rows clues, enumerations are given. If the answer were ICECREAM, the clue includes “(3,5)”.
  2. The Bloom clues are in the order they appear in the grid, left to right and top to bottom, for each of the three (Light, Medium, and Dark) types.
  3. Bloom clues also indicate the direction the answer should be written. “(+)” = clockwise; “(-)” = counterclockwise.

Once you solve this, try a standard puzzle without these hints, which are normally not a part of Garden Party puzzles. In a standard Garden Party puzzle, the Bloom clues are not listed in the order they appear in the grid, but they ARE listed in alphabetical order of their answers.